Monday, February 6, 2012

Obsessive Monday - My Week

I've been obsessing about so many things this week.  Here's a run down...
It started with getting my "hur did" Monday
Tuesday, finishing up getting things ready for the opening of Green Table Gifts  with a mini photo session by Oh Snap Photography by Carlee.  I had lots of fun and Carlee is a doll I can't wait to see the pictures!
Wednesday, working on fundraising letters for my daughter's trip to Africa.
 Thursday, getting passport pictures taken, going to the Passport Office to get her Passport only to find that the office closes at 4 pm.  Killing time for an hour and a half before she has to go to work.  
This is when she was 9 months old...shoo shoo boo!!
Friday, going with my oldest daughter to register for cosmetology school, running out to meet with the vice-principle at the high school about my son, running back to finish up some paperwork at the cosmetology school.  Coming home to bake my oldest's birthday cake only to find that my hand mixer was at church because the men of the church were putting together a Valentine's breakfast for their families (my husband stole it).  He stopped by my parent's house to borrow theirs after I freaked out.  Baked her cake and cupcakes for the Super Bowl party.  Work with my daughter on her letters.

Saturday, go to the Valentine's Breakfast (was quite yummy), a baby shower, go shopping an spending time with my daughters (it was my oldest daughter's 19th Birthday).  Come home, decorate her cake, go to dinner, celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa.

 Sunday, church, Super Bowl, home crash!

Whew...I'm tired all over again!!

I hope you had a great week...
By the way, keep watching the blog, more to come on the yummy Birthday cake!!


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