Saturday, July 24, 2010


...................When, for weeks,  I've had millions of creative thoughts soaring through my brains and no time,  I now have the time but no creativity to implement them.  Can you say "AARRGGG"?

I have little stacks of things I've started, bags with more things to work on, pieces of paper and fabric cut, but I'm finding the computer {Facebook, Twitter, stupid games} more interesting!!

I'm sure no one else has ever been in my situation???

I have a large boutique that I've been accepted into {yippee} , Believe- A Holiday Boutique, in November.  My MO has usually been two weeks before the event go crazy mad trying to {on top of working part time, running a house hold, taxiing three teenagers here, there and everywhere} get everything made, stressing myself and family out and not getting everything finished that I wanted to do. This time I've decided to pace myself. I have a full Saturday with nothing going on {rare} one child home and no one I have to pick-up, a little laundry that needs to be done {"no clean undies in the house"} and no creative juices.

Well, I'm going to go now, see if this venting has cleared the cobwebs out of my brain!

Thanks for listening!!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Jewels

I had the honor last month of designing and making the jewelry for my beautiful niece Danielle's wedding.

She has been such an important of my life since she was born.  We spent lots of time together when she was little and before I was married and had kids of my own.  While in recent years, the time we've spent together hasn't been as often, there is still a special bond.

Within a few days of, her now husband, Mike asking her to marry him, she was at our office showing me her ring and both of us squealing like little girls.  I had told her for a few years that when the time came and if she was willing, I wanted to make her jewelry and headpiece as my gift to her.  A couple of months before the wedding, I was at her house with ripped out pages from bridal magazines with pictures of things she liked and looking at her dress.  She has very simple but classic and elegant taste.  I ended up making Swarovski crystal and pearl earrings and bracelets for her and her attendants and a beautiful Swarovski crystal and pearl hair comb for her.  She looked so beautiful!  She would have with or without me, but I'm glad I had a part.

Thank you Danielle!!!  I love you!

Aunt Nee'

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Thought here we go.

I've been thinking for a while that I should start blogging...about what I don't know.

As I'm trying to get this party started, we are sitting around the family room watching the 2nd Harry Potter movie. Very be honest, I drug my feet letting my kids watch it. I had heard so many people talk about how it's anti-Christian when the movie first came out. It is actually quite good and not what I expected. Just once again, the battle between good and evil a common theme in our lives and world. May your battle be swift and true!