Monday, January 30, 2012

Obsessive Monday - Suitcase Display

So last week I told you about Green Table Gifts, the shop I'm going to sell my jewelry in.  This week has been all about finalizing my display.

Patty, the owner, had a brilliant idea of putting some of the jewelry in vintage displays. So I went home and searched my favorite reference site, Pinterest. This was what I found...Sweet and pretty!

After seeing samples of my work, she picked out a red suitcase for me to use.  I hadn't thought about red before, my colors are black and pink and I had already designed new business cards and tags. I always thought that turquoise and red looked pretty together and the turquoise was the perfect color to make it all work.


I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
I'm so excited for this new endevour!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Just in time for Valentine's Day!!

I think it's somewhat apparent that I LOVE cupcakes and one of my favorites is Pink Champagne.
I'm somewhat lazy so I found a recipe to alter a white cake mix and make it into Pink Champagne.


1 box white cake mix
3 egg whites
1 1/4 cup pink champagne
1/3 cup oil
3 or 4 drops red food coloring

Mix together and bake according to the directions on the box.

Before I mixed up the frosting, I took chocolate candy melts, melted them, and put them in an icing bag.  I then piped them into heart shapes and managed to write "love".  One thing I learned was, you need to let the chocolate cool for a bit before you start piping.  Otherwise it will "pour" out the bag and won't make pretty designs.

I frosted them with my favorite Salted Buttercream frosting and added the chocolate hearts.

Super easy!!  I think the hardest part is not eating them all at once.

Happy Valentine's Day!  

Added April 18, 2012:
 My Daughter volunteered my services for one of her friends Birthdays.  She wanted apple green frosting,  I just added Americolor's Electric Green to my Salted Buttercream recipe, sprinkled on some little pink pearls.  Super pretty and springy!

They are talking about me at

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday Obsession - Green Table Gifts

Yes, I know, I'm late again.  I have a good excuse, it's what I've been obsessing about.

Early this month I found out about a local boutique, not a weekend boutique, but a boutique that is an actual store. Open Monday through Sunday, that's all week, not just a couple of days, but ALL week!!
Source - Green Table Gifts

And guess what???  I'm one of their new artists!!  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am.

Here's the begining of my display.



And just as exciting are some of my handmade friends are there as well as some new friends.
Turtle Taylor

Simple G Decor
By the way, Simple G Decor has a giveaway over at 3 Crazie Monkeys this week!

Little Silver Stars

And so many more!  I'll include others as time goes on!

So the grand re-opening is February 1st!  Woo hoo!!
More information to come!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Obsession - Going Baroque

So after one my friends I follow on Pinterest pinned this amazing bed,

I decided to do a "baroque" search.  Here are once again, my favorites!

So pretty!

I LOVE these!!

Alexander McQueen...YES!



I just love all of the swirls and curly ques! 

Have an amazing week!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Obsessive Mondays - Vintage

So...I've been searching Pinterest  vintage display ideas for a new opportunity that I have.  So I typed in the word "vintage" and here are some of my favorite images.
Such pretty colors!

How fun is this?
Who wouldn't want a pink fridge??
"Yes" to the dress!

Double "yes" to this one!!

Have a fabulous week!


Monday, January 2, 2012

Obsessive Monday - Words For 2012

I'm not always good at putting my thoughts into words even though there's a lot going on up in my noggin.  So fortunately other people do it for me and share!!  Here are some of my favs that I've found on Pinterest!

I truly believe that everyone is here for a reason, God has a purpose for each of us and none of us are an accident regardless of how we came into this world!

This past year, I've met people that wouldn't normally be in my circle of friends, they look different, act different and are just me.  I've taken time and listened to them, stepped out of my comfort zone and saw their heart.  They didn't necessarily need me to "help" them, but I needed them to "help" me become a better person.

One of my favorite worship songs.  Unfortunately, my heart isn't always abandoned, something I'll work on this year.

I'm really good at dreaming, I often lack follow through....
...Now for some fun ones!
Be yourself no matter what age you are..just because you are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or even 100, be yourself, don't let the number define you!!

Enough said!

I'm thankful I didn't grow up all the way!

A wise man!

So there you have it folks...words of wisdom and fun!!

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