Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes

I love coming up with new ways to
make your everyday cake mix different.

I'm not sure where I came up with this idea (maybe Pinterest), but I thought I'd give it a shot.

It's super simple!

All you need is what you see above!!

Cake Mix - I like the Pillsbury cake mixes for cupcakes.  They are thicker so you don't get the batter all over the pan.  I use a very small ice cream scoop for the batter. 
Oil - the amount called for on the box.
Eggs - Once again, the amount called for on the box.
Guinness Beer  - Now here's where I changed it up.  Use the beer to replace the water in the mix.  For the Pillsbury brand, add maybe an extra 1/4 cup.  The chocolate is super thick!

Then follow the directions on the box.  I usually make the mini cupcakes and bake them for about 11 minutes.  Oven temperatures vary, but that is what works in mine.

Here's my finished cupcakes.

I frosted them with my normal salted butter cream recipe minus the salt.

Salted Butter Cream
1 cup room temperature Butter
Vanilla (I just pour in a bit)
4-5 cups Powdered Sugar
Half and Half (because that's what I use in my coffee)
Sea Salt (to taste)

Beat the butter and vanilla till soft and smooth, add in the powdered sugar.  I usually add a cup or two at a time.  I also wrap a towel around my mixture so I don't have powdered sugar dust all over my kitchen.
Beat that bad boy till it's well mixed. Add the half and half a bit at a time until it reaches the correct consistency.  I then beat it for a few more minutes that fluffs it up a bit and makes it really smooth!

I used a 1A round frosting tip and white dragees.

I made these along with Lavender cupcakes for my daughter to take to school (cosmetology school, not high school) for her Birthday.  They devoured these and left quite a few lavender ones.  She graduated this past week so I made more...they disappeared too!!

Even if you don't like beer (ME!!) these are so good!!
They'd be great for St. Patrick's Day!!

Let me know what you think!!

I have not been compensated for mentioning brands in this blog.  These are all my opinions!!

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