Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beachy Hair Curls Tutorial

I first heard about Pink Bow Bath Boutique through GroupDealz where I bought some of their amazing handmade Whipped Body Frosting.  I then met the lovely and charming Amy, the owner and creator of these yummy products, at Creative Estates where she was selling her products.  We started talking and have developed a Facebook friendship.
 She was recently featured on Sonoran Living Live, a Phoenix morning show, where she shared how to make these fun, easy, cool (as in not so warm) Beachy Curls.

I wanted to give them a try and decided to share with you the super simple technique!

I started with her Lovely Leave-In Conditioner in Sea Island Grapefruit.
I let my hair dry on it's own for a while and finished with the blow dryer ( I have super thick hair).  It actually works the best on dry hair.

1. I sprayed Revitalizing Hair Protein Mist, it contains sea salt and helps with the beachyness through out my hair.
2. Put a stretchy headband around my head hippy style.  I pulled my bangs out and over the top.
3. I then started taking one inch sections, pulling them over the top of the band and down. 
4. Continue working from each side all the way to the back (the back gets a little tricky but you can do it.
5. & 6. How it looks when it's done.  The nice thing it, you look kind of cute while it's "curling".

I let mine stay in for about an hour and a half  I would have let it stay longer but I had to take my daughter to get her hair done.

Gently unwrap everything, I finger combed mine and then let sprayed it with Amy's Body Boosting Hair Spray.

Ta Daa!!  My curls!! 
Thank you Amy for letting me share my results!!
By the way..Amy has so many yummy fragrances.  You really need to try her products! Be sure and tell her "Renee' sent you"!
Products were bought by me and permission granted for me to share this tutorial.  All views are mine.


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  1. Oh my gosh, so beautiful!! I love it Renee ! Thanks so much for sharing :)