Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obsessive Monday - Compassion

Once again, I'm a day late!!
This week, I'm obsessing about giving.  The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and this year my family wants to do something more.
We currently sponsor a little boy through Compassion International and this year they sent us a Christmas Gift Catalogue They have everything from soccer balls and Bibles to small business launches and vaccinations that you can purchase to send to a community or family in need.
In our family, we have set a budget of how much we spend on each person, if the gifts that the kids want don't add up to that amount they get cash.  This year we're all giving some our Christmas gift money to buy something for someone in need.
We're buying...
Goats provide milk, meat and generate income. Families will receive training and other resources to help them successfully raise and care for their animals.
 "Children can be vulnerable even in their own homes. Children with severely ill parents, children who must serve as the head of the household, or children who are at risk of abuse or exploitation need extra attention and protection. Your gift will help Compassion provide a safe place to live, legal care, and/or foster care for a child who is living in an unsafe environment."  Compassion International

I'm so proud of my kids for agreeing to do this.  Next year we plan on buying a....
 Holy Cow!!

And the kids are wanting to save money through the year to purchase other items.

Be sure and take a look at what they have.  If you have a friend that has EVERYTHING but you still want to do something for them, you can Give a gift “in honor” of a friend or family member.  Once you select your gift, you can choose a greeting card to be sent to your honoree.

This year let's make Christmas special for those in need! 

Photos from Compassion International


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